VESC Tool (Android only?) and save "App Cfg" (save failed)

Is it a bug, or something wrong here?
Android Vesc Tool version 6.02.

When I try to save the “App Cfg” data on my Android phone I keep getting an error “Appconfig Safe Failed”.
The file created is 0 bytes.

The strange thing is that I do not get this error when saving the Motor Cfg, and contains all the correct saved Motor Cfg data.

Anyone here with an Android phone who can verify this?

I don’t normally use Android for this but installed 6.02 and get the same error.

Motor CFG seems to work as yours does

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Thank you for testing.
I guess that it’s a bug.

I need it as I have two setups (as in different VESC’s), and would like to change settings on the fly.

Perhaps use the full backup/restore option on the main screen

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Report this as a bug/issue on the VESC GitHub.

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