Vesc tool problem downloading

hello this morning i’m testing to dowload vesc tools from benjamin vedder web site but impossible to checkout at final my card is empty when i want to finish, it is same for the free or other …
I don’t see on github the way to instal it …please if anyone have the zip file or other can help me beacause my new esc is at home and i want to configure it. thanks.

Have you an account created?

Yes ! I have created one and always impossible :grimacing:

Have you tried doing an account without adding things to the cart and then log out and go try again but instead of creat an account when you are in the cart you now log in?

now i test like you says with a other mail and the same issue the card is empty​:disappointed_relieved: the vesc is in place in the board box and now i can’t use it …please if anyone have the zip file it save me :slightly_smiling_face:

Always the same problem with Benjamin vedder official web site impossible to have the card full…with the firmware…so input the old 6 s flycolor ESC for fly this weekend …i am checking to install the firmware with gitub but it need to compil with a gui editor …so i need times to do it…if any one have the problem on the site Can help me… thanks

… but you know that you can ride with an old Firmware? :crazy_face:

no! i don’t know…i thinking the vesc need somes tuning before first use…i don’t thinking it 's plug n play out of the box…when i read all people says about min max amp and other tunning like free weel or other i whant to be sure of what i do because i know speed working do result bad so sometimes you can save money​:kissing_smiling_eyes: …and i want using the wizard and enjoy the benjamin vedder environnement… help me a lot with a mail for the firmware …thanks​:slightly_smiling_face: and this aftenoon with 6 s set up was so good starting to learn turning in circle so fun​:call_me_hand::call_me_hand: .
Need to make a little video to show how 6 s PM with a ridiculous and cheap esc works👌

Yes, you are totally right!
But for that you not need to flash the Firmware from the VESC?

yes i juste want to connect my esc and see the show on the interface to checking i all is good we have the tools as well enjoy …and i want to set and test bluetooth android inteface👍

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