Vesc tool settings

Hi , I’m really struggling with my build.
Had my first sea trial today and I just don’t have enough torque or speed.
I’m not sure if my settings are correct. Here is my kit
Mini fsesc6.7
8s 3p battery at 28.8volts
12ah 345.6watts
3100 watt motor at max current 83amps
Max volts 12s
There are so many settings that if I’m honest I’ve confused the he’ll out
If anyone could help I would really appreciate it, here is a photo of my build

can you share some screenshots of your VESC tool settings for current settings. Also, id like to see a screenshot of motor settings/general/advanced.

What is your “Duty Cycle Current Limit Start” set at?


I am no expert in VESC ans since I am also struggling with my build I probably shouldn’t give any advice on the electronics but from a foiling perspective it looks like your battery box is sitting nearly directly above the mast hence preventing you to have your back foot in a good position to take off. Makes you probably ride with too much weight forward for take off. Try to move the mast a bit forward see if that helps. Sometimes 1cm makes the difference. Also what’s your wing size? your body weight ? These info will help others to give you good advice. What is also the motor type and kv. With your battery running at such low voltage you may not reach the capable speed of the motor. Also 3p seems to me very low. You are asking a lot of Amps through a limited amount of batteries and maybe they can’t keep up. Also preventing you to reach the motor specs. On the other hand it is a foil assist you are building. What are you using it for? Wing ? Paddle ? If you try and water start directly from the water without using the help of an extra source of power (wind, wave etc) your battery setup is definitely too weak and you will face heat issues leading to battery or/and ESC damage. (I speak from experience on that part :smirk:)

I am definitely curious about all these questions too. The reason I was asking about the Duty Cycle Current Limit Start is that mine kept defaulting to 95% and was bogging the motor above half throttle and once I adjusted that I was able to fly easily.

I will say that I am 190lbs and can water start and efoil my 56L board with an Armstrong HA1125 on my homemade foil drive with a Maytech 100a VESC, 8s3p P42a battery and cheap 6384 150kv motor without any heat issues… so far. I didn’t build mine to E-Foil and only did it for testing the limits. Mine is for getting into waves super early.

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Hi , thanks for any help uou can offer, it really is a lack of torque , here are screen shots of the settings I have , any feedback is really appreciated as I am really struggling.

I would start with hooking up everything and run the “Setup Motors FOC”. Here are 2 videos I would highly recommend watching before I continue.

After you run the initial setup come back and we can discuss adjusting some of the limits to higher values, but these videos will get you a good starting point.

I’m really hoping you get this sorted with the help of fellow members. I don’t use a VESC but am keen to try one and had seen the 6.7 you bought and thought the size was perfect for the boxes we use for the foil assist. Please keep us posted on your progress.

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Thanks will try and do this tonight, nice one

I use a Maytech 100A VESC and it works very well. I am curious how the 70A will do. I also have a fly color 80A ESC that I haven’t tried yet, but other members have had great success with. Here is a video of using the Maytech 100A.

Now that is awesome nice one

The maytech 100a would fit well in my compartment. It is good to hear of a positive report with it. What battery size are you using in the video clip?

8s3p. I am using molicel P42a’s.

The maytech 100a fits very tight in the same case that foil assist uses.

It’s most probably your “battery current max” on the third screen shot, set at 12A.

Using P = V x I it means you are only getting 12A x 28V = 330W. This needs to be about 1300W for the foil drive, so increase the battery current to 50A will help a lot!

That 12A is definitely too low for the battery max current.

I would still highly suggest running through the initial “Setup Motors FOC” first and then make adjustments after.

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Happy to hear the maytech 100a esc works well.

Did you cut a hole in the box to cool the maytech 100a.

Mine should arrive any day now, the reason l purchased it was because of the size.

So I have set it up using the motor wizard as suggested, and I have changed the battery current max to 50a is there anything else, thanks as always, I would be lost without your help

There is a few things I would change. Let me list them out and get back to you in just a bit.

I did cut a hole in the box and sealed it up with 3m 5200 fast cure.

This is how I would set it up. Others may have different opinions that could work better. This should get you a pretty good start. The only limitation is the VESC being 70A continuous. I am curious if that will be enough.


Motor Current Max - 70A
Absolute Maximum Current - 120A
Battery Current Max - 60A

Battery Voltage Cutoff Start - 24v
Battery Voltage Cutoff End - 20v

Duty Cycle Current Limit Start - 100%