Vesc tools log how to

I am having trouble getting the VESC tools logger to work and hope someone can provide some detail on the correct steps.

I have a Flipsky 75200 Vesc with their Bluetooth module and can see Real time data on my android tablet.

When I go to the Developer tab in the vesctools app I was initially getting error Could not open file for writing when I clicked the Enable RT Data Logging box. I then clicked on CHOOSE LOG DIRECTORY and I get a blank area with the word FileName at the top of it.

I finally discovered that if I click in the field area just above the Enable logging box I can type anything I want - which I assume should be an existing directory/folder or whatever the correct android term is.

When that field has a “name” in it the little toggle on/off box works but when I search the Android storage with the Files app I can’t find any files that have the characters CSV in the name.

This is likely something very simple but I’m new to android and can’t figure this out.

Can someone provide detail on what I should be typing in the field so that the generated files end up in the DOWNLOAD “folder”

EDIT: I searched the web and others had a problem with the app not having permission to use storage. I checked and that is not the source of my problem.

Can anyone confirm they can make a directory selection if they tap the Change Log Directory button?


The solution for me was to upgrade the ver of Vesc Tools for Android mobile from 3.00 to 6.02.

Logging now generates a new file with the FileName in the format


So an example for May 27 2023 at 16:20:17 would be 2023-05-27_16-20-17.csv

The default logging directory seems to be Documents.