Vesc tools restore function

I’m building another rig using the same Flipsky 75200 Vesc and VX3 remote as my first one.

I’m wondering if anyone has used the “restore” config function to configure a new Vesc.

In other words I would “backup” the first one and then connect to the second “new” one and “restore”.

I assume any and all changes I have made on the first one would be replicated on the second.

Has anyone tried this?

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Hey @Foilguy, I’ve actually been wondering the same thing for switching between battery voltages quickly.
You may have already noticed this, but by coincidence @sat_be seems to have just answered the question in this other VESC thread. It seems like EasyFoil sends XML files with their kits to load onto their vescs

Metr (new name voyage systems Minnie) has so called “modes”, = configuration profiles. You can apply them to a connected vesc with a swipe on your mobile. You can even share them with a barcode between devices. Really handy in the field. Parameters can also be changed.


Not really the same :grinning: as I’m using VESC TOOLS for IOS ver 6.02 to configure a Flipsky 75200 Vesc

The Backup and Restore Configs is on the Start page under Tools. I’m not sure where that appears in the Windows ver.

The IOS ver stores the “backup” file somewhere on the phone (I’ve never been able to find it to make an offline copy) and I have no idea what file format it has.

The backup file has all the parameter settings created during the motor wizard session and any alterations I made after that. I have successfully “restored” once when I had made a mess altering things and my motor wouldn’t work properly.

That looks like a nice app but I I don’t really have a need to change from VescTools. :grinning:

Worst case I can run the initial wizard and then go through the settings on my known good Vesc and make the same changes on the new one.

In VESC iOS app, on the top slide over to select “MOTOR CFG” or “APP CFG”. Then on the bottom there is a small button “…”. When you select that it opens a menu that includes Load/Save XML.

For actual files, I haven’t done this part yet with XML. But I have been able to pull the log files when I have the VESC app logging data. To access this you need to get the “Files” app off the iOS Appstore, I believe its a native Apple app and you can use it to track down files saved on the phone. There is folder for the VESC app in there.

Thanks. I didn’t know about the xml function in the app and that might accomplish what I’m after but I’m not sure I want to spend much time experimenting with that.

I was hoping someone had done the backup/restore to a different Vesc and could confirm it works and more importantly doesn’t make a mess😀

It’s not that big a deal to just setup up the new one and then change the few things that I know I altered such as cutoff V and max amps etc.

Just thought it would be quicker and easier to do the backup/restore.

I can find the log files on the phone quite easily but can’t find the “backup” file no matter what app I used to search for it.

But… what’s the problem with opening vesc tool and change the voltage, it’s like one button push more than loading the xml file?

I worked a bit on this today and have concluded that the IOS ver 6.02 of Vesc Tools does not support a restore to a new Vesc.

The backup(s) are apparently “keyed” to the UUID of the particular Vesc and can only be restored to the same exact Vesc.

The PC version might be more capable but in my situation it’s not worth the trouble to find out.

I haven’t tested it, just a supposition worth trying… fooling the new ESC
If you know your destination Vesc UUID and that both Vescs have the same HW revision (twin ESCs):

  • locate the UUID code in the source Vesc backup
  • overwrite (patch) the new UUID code into the (old) source Vesc backup
  • load the source Vesc backup into the destination twin ESC


With all due respect you should have read the whole thread before posting your ‘solution”.

The creators of VESC Tools for some reason have made in difficult if not impossible to locate the file(s) generated by the backup process. I noted that in post #6.

You can’t edit a file you can’t find.

I for one would find it refreshing to see some posts from you documenting something you have actually done.

You might be able to pull it out of the Windows registry:

Then open the file in Notepad (or Notepad++) and see what it looks like.
Of course this could also be a good way to brick a VESC by playing in the config file manually! Probably one reason it’s hidden away in the registry…

You could self-refresh looking at the free windows/linux pieces of software that record SW installations and disk modifications :wink:
I could provide a name but I won’t as I haven’t tested it with a VESC yet. :zipper_mouth_face:

ps: If I was stuck, I’d study all the advice, even the untested ones. If that’s how you respond to ideas, especially untested ones, you’ll soon find yourself alone with your problem… with nothing to test :saluting_face:

Well if the “advice” is not relevant to the details of my problem or comes from a source that has no proven track record of actually doing anything themselves I tend to ignore it “at my peril”.

Thanks for your input.