VESC type of ESC is there any one good for us?

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I’ve opened this topic since VESC is most interestsing ESC in my point of view due to open source and current limit protection features and so on. More over there are many flavors of this ESC came up recently.
I see many different VESC type ESCs. most recent one is that:

It describes 100A constant current and up to 280 for short time.

Is there any who has some experience with it?

It says it‘s based on hardware 4.12. I use a modified variant of that version, too. I would like to see their PCB files and how they managed their cooling.

Thats the Maytech 100A VESC. I don’t think many have tried it yet…

The part from ebay seems to be a scramboard vesc:

The firmware 3.30 implies there is something new. Still i do not know, if the mtes120a-sbec uses 3 phase current shunts, so the max dutycycle can be 100%.
The scramboard vesc uses only two, so its based on 4.12. It also uses the robust IRF7530 from 4.12. I do not get the benefit of mounting them to one side of the PCB. The cooling through the plastic housing is still bad and the surface is very uneven. It will be hard to cool it via a cooling pad.

The mtes120a-sbec uses 6 of the very tiny
per phase, so the ON resistance is somewhere at 0.66mOhm. The cooling interface to the pad is much larger and even.

With these low on resistance the switching losses become the more important part of overall losses. Its hard to avoid them and special gate drivers are required to get the lowest switching time without endangering EMC. The used gate drivers in the maytech are nothing special and have astonishing weak output currents. Maybe its compensated by 3 gate drivers instead of one and the lower overall gate capacitance.

I would give a try for the maytech. If you find reviews of it please let us know here.

The big M on the top of the Scramboards ESC is the Maytech Logo. Here it is for sale from Maytech This product is no longer available.

Are you sure that this one is VESC based?
I had a dissembled one in my hands and I couldn’t find any typical VESC components.
How do you establish the USB connection to configure the (v)ESC?

No, i am not sure at all that this is a VESC of whatever type. Only hint is


VESC Electric Skateboard ESC Benefits:

on their homepage.

the MTES120A-SBEC ESC is not based on VESC.

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