Vietnam EFoil Parts Suppliers

Does anyone know of suppliers of parts to DIY an EFoil in Vietnam. Ozone make kites here and was going to contact them to see what they have but thought I would check here first. Cheers

For me, it is not the same business. You could be lucky but it’s like asking to a clothing manufacturer if they sell electrical gear. Your best bet here is a call for forum members living in vietnam or the forum search function (2 hits today):

Hi SoEFoil
Thanks for your reply, yeah I hear you reservations regarding Ozone and being kite focused. I had checked their web site and they have links to foils for the kite foil boards. There is quite a bit of kiting over here some showing shots of foil boards with there promotional clips and I have found a Facebook person in Saigon talking about an EFoil. I just thought that Foil Zone would be the best starting point for DIY info.
I did try a search before starting this thread and only got 2 results not including the one that you had comments on Pacificmeister Build Info and CAD Sources - #50 by Phu_Le and have spent quite a while going through a lot of DIY info on Foil Zone…… there is a lot of helpful info and there are some very clever guys about. So I have a bill of materials for assembly and ordered a few parts out of Europe but they never arrived.
At the moment I am trying the easiest ways first and at last resort I will look at trying to make the parts (wings, mast, fuselage) myself. I have a 3D printer but no workshop at the moment. Doing any manufacturing in Vietnam for me is like trying to build a model airplane with boxing gloves on, interesting but challenging.