VX3 issue. Start from 10% only

Yeah, but honestly it really doesn’t matter or affect the riding.


Bought a third remote. It is much better, smaller, but needs waterproofing.

I have never seen the eskate remote be used, I think the throttle might be a little tricky to use… especially with gloves on. Are you going to just pot it?

I probably won’t use it. I bought it to diagnose where the problem is, in the VESC or in the remote control.

10% deadband is probably a good safety thing. I have 2 vx3 and I never really worried about that low end or even noticed it. As foilguy says get on the water and that 10% threshhold is not a problem. In fact I think its actually a basic safety feature. I sure as hell dont want a1% deadband, Its good just get out there. You will have more problems than this lol.


A little bit off topic, but does the VX3 have a GPS in the remote itself, or is it located on the receiver?

It’s in the remote, but it’s an older cheaper type of receiver and takes a few minutes to get a fix.

If it doesn’t get a fix while stationary on land, then it’s almost impossible to get a fix on the water.

It’s useful for speed display, and I think cruise control uses it, and it won’t enable unless it has a gps fix.

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Jumping from 0% to 10% at once is unsafe, IMHO. A proper Dead Zone doesn’t work like that.

Throttle Deadband Threshold

The Throttle Deadband Threshold pertains to opening the throttle when it’s completely closed. This is the amount the throttle can be moved from the zero position without generating a response from the motor. If this value is set

lower, your throttle will engage quicker and vice versa.

It’s like the dead-spot on a motorcycle throttle, where the babble is not in tension yet to rev the motor.

Yeah, im with windego. The amount of throttle you would use to get started is so much more than 10 percent. At 10 percent throttle, you are barely getting any movement.

It depends on the settings. You can start moving with 1%

So what are you basing this statement on?

You said in Dec that you planned on mounting a motor to an old windsurfer to just drive around on. Have you done that? Do you have any real life on the water experience yet?

You ask questions here and multiple people that have experience provide you with answers that you dispute. You have said you are going
to contact Flipsky for support but you don’t.

I’m thinking you are just trolling here!!!

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I own a VX3. I need to change my throttle power curve in the VESC tool but basically it is unresponsive until 10%
The last half dozen sessions I’ve been setting my throttle as high as 50-60% for cruise mode.
Still plenty of power in the top end.
10% dead zone won’t bother you.
Cheers mate :wink:

Sure you can, but you don’t want that because invariably these remotes can jump around up to ±5%.

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