W7 Water Sports Kit

Hello to everyone,
in my research for a motor solution with motor controller and throttle i was searching something plug and play because i am not very good with electronic and I found this solution…

What do you think? i was thinking to buy this and combine it with a 12S battery.
Thank in advance for your answers

i was looking at it too, but take care because the remote is not waterprof. for the components quality i wait other comments too, because, like you, i’m not so deep inside electronics.
More expensive but seems much better, expecialy the esc is this at this link or better esc for sure at link

I doubt that any chinese VESC based controller would come with super good default settings. You will always have to configure something. If nothing else, you’ll have to enter your battery details, and by that time, you might as well run through the setup wizard to set it all up yourself.

Its not hard. The VESC setup wizard is great and you rarely have to do much else. Spend some time studying the VESC and you’ll be fine.

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I was looking in the Forum and there where some very negative comments about maytech…

Hello Friend, I have also thought about that kit. Currently on its website it clearly says that the remote control is waterproof.

Has someone made the purchase of that kit that you can inform us?