Wakeskate Efoil

Hi all,

i wanted to try something new so i just screwed my Efoil setup with a very small 10S2P Battery on a Wakeskate. Did anyone already tried this? Do you think its startable?


The rifle case works… so why not?

Btw, is that board stiff and strong enough?
I am building a pump board and was afraid a solid board would be too heavy if strong enough, so this is my solution: (missing xps core and top layer)
<3kg, 4cm thick

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We need at least about 180amps @12-16S to get the rifle case in to the air. I think that the wakeskate foil won’t work. I hope I’m wrong :wink:

It’s always good the try something craaaazy :blush:

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Wow, i didnt expect it to be that bad…
Well… you could still dock/beach start and pull the trigger once you’re on the board… you’ll get some extra adrenaline having the meat grinder next to your legs before you jump on :scream:

Got it to fly!

The trick is to get an basic speed with the board over the water. I managed this with a tight curve around me. The tricky part is to exit the curve with enough speed and a lot of weight in the front. But its possible! 10S with max 80A Current but a giant beginnerfoil.


Nice! What are your board dimensions and thickness?

Its this board in 41" https://amzn.to/3yMlFDZ.

Should be around 20mm thick.


FYI people have snapped boards like that while foiling, breaks right in front of base plate.

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Thx for the hint. Maybe i add a thin carbon plate there :thinking:.

I meantime continued testing:
Placed the foil bit in the back and raised motor current to 100A with my 36V30Ah battery. Its way easyer now to start! You still need to circlestart it but just a short one.

But be carefull with the ultra low Volume Boards. They dont float well :sweat_smile:. Actually my last setup didnt float at all. So i had a not very pleasant 2h snorkeling/diving session! :persevere:. But got everything back and i think the Battery survived the small amount of water that got inside after 2h.

I try to add some floating material to the board. If that works its a great fun machine :love_you_gesture:


Lets see a video…
You need a CO2 canister life vest attached to the board so that if you fall it inflates and floats it.

I have added here some short clips: DIY Efoil Story (Video 5&6).
Its just startable with >40% battery. But <40% it can start with a bit tow help of a second efoil ^^.

I kite foiled with a wakeskate for a few years. Worked great, fun to have barely any board below you, great for travelling. Held up fine, no worries about snapping, even with drilled mast plate holes with no water proofing. The biggest negative: barely any float if the wind died and had to swim in. And neutral buoyant meant it floated just at the surface, barely can see it in chop. I spray painted it fluoro orange. The experiment stopped once I got a larger surf oriented foil that was just slightly heavier, floated just below the surface, thought for sure I was going to lose it.

So, for those two reasons, I wouldn’t try it with heavy equipment attached to it. But also, using that folding prop, with legs dangling over and not much board between to protect you…looks like recipe for disaster. These underwater blenders freak me out … that set up seems way too sketchy. Not enough benefits to overcome the negatives.