Want to buy an Efoil board


I’m new to this forum and I understand it is especially for builders, but nevertheless I want ask where I can buy an e-foil board for a reasonable price. I’m aware of the boards of 12K, but I also see ones on Alibaba for 2000 to 4000. Surely, it has to do with many things like the duration of the battery and stuff, but can I buy one on this platform, or can someone point me in a direction where in e.g. Shengzen I can buy one. I don’t mind if the battery only lasts half hour when the price is way better than 12k. I just want to buy and try and see if I like it and than switch to a better board possibly… I’m a surfer and like to have a e-foil board too. thanks!

Sono d’accordo in tutto con te … Anch’io volevo qualche informazione in più su i prodotti cinesi … Speriamo che qualcuno ci aiuti …

Ciao Gianni,
Penso che sarebbe meglio se tu scrivessi in inglese. Pochi capiscono l’italiano

Hey you can check www.elevate.rocks they sell an efoil add on kit to electrify your foil.
I have a spare full carbon board for efoils which you could use for their system. I would sell it for 1190€, and I could add a set of foil wings for +439€ so you would only batteries and you efoil is ready;-)

Thanks for this information. appreciated. I’m going to check the url you sent and get back to you. best regards wouter

HI im interested in your carbon board