Wanted Axis 19mm Mast DOODAD drawing

Hello everyone. I would like to be able to use the axis mast with different fuselages that I have. Anyone has the drawing of the doodad ? or any adapter for axis mast to different fuselage that I could have so i could modify it ?

Do you have a CNC machine capable of cutting your own? I’ve damaged a few of the 19mm Axis mast at speed but I’m heavy. My solution is to make my own carbon masts which I’m getting close to. I’m just at modelling the mould pieces to 3D print and then will try. Konrad make some parts for swapping out foil brands on their own mast. The doodad is relatively easy to model, maybe ask Axis? Ultimately, 19mm thick of mast becomes a significant drag factor when you start designing high efficiency foils which is where I’m at. I use Axis gear except for their foils.