Warning re HobbyKing

WARNING TO U.K. foilers - I just ordered a Turnigy 20 6 cell 22.2V battery for £192.48 from HobbyKing.Com. When I received the confirmation the shipping costs were quoted at £324.47. Since I had 2 Turnigy 4 cell LiPo batteries delivered a couple of weeks earlier at a shipping cost of £70 I think misread the shipping cost as £32. I immediately contacted HobbyKing to cancel the order but they said it had already been collected so couldn’t be cancelled. FedEx denied having collected it but said only HobbyKing could cancel the shipping. Utterly disgusting and smacks of a total con! I have already been stung for £82 import costs for the previous 2 batteries. All I want is a refund as no one in their right mind would pay over £500 for a single LiPo model battery