Warranty issue Trampa VESC 300/75

I had a call with the shop owner (elektro-skateboard). It was not a relaxed call.
I told him I want the Vesc back because he didn`t take his responsibilities. And also told him the i maybe will ask the costumer protection service. But immediately after i told him i will discuss this issue with the costumer protection service, he hang up and since them i couldn’t reach him anymore by phone.

I wrote an official E-Mail that I want the Vesc back. But no response till now (ok its weekend).

Lets see.

Hi to all,

I want to tell you my still ongoing story of my first ever bought trampa Vesc and about the seller who didn’t want to provide warranty.

In December last year I bought the Trampa Vesc 300/75 VESC 75V 300A Original in Anodised Non Conductive CNC housing

at the following shop


I got it in December and the first thing I wanted to do, was to connect via Bluetooth. This didn’t worked and the shop and trampa told me it is my fault and I am too stupid to connect with the Bluetooth. I tried everything but they didn’t believed me that I can handle Bluetooth connection.

After a lot of try and error from my side, I told them that I believe that the VESC is R2 and the firmeware they provided with the VESC was for R1. At this point I didn’t wanted to flash a wrong firmeware on my own. But after I told them my thoughts about the Firmeware they they gave me permission to flash the R2 and since them the Bluetooth worked.

Then I was going on with my build.
3-4 Month ago I had everything ready for my first water test.
But at my last testing onshore the VESC stopped working. This test only lasts 1 Minute in the air (9A).

Immediately I contacted the seller, I provided measurements and it seemed that one mosfet of phase 3 got defect. I didn’t opened the vesc because of warranty. I made an official warranty claim to the shop and sent the vesc back to the shop.

And since that I there is really bad communication and the seller told my it is my fault and that he never ever will give me warranty on this vesc. (long story short)

I have to mention, that I as the the vesc got defect, ordered a new one from the shop and replaced it with the defect 1:1 and everything is working 100%. So I am 100% sure I didn’t made any mistake.

The only mistake was that I didn’t contacted paypal immediately, because at the time of the defect I was inside the 180 days customer protection. But now paypal didn’t help me anymore.

I myself work as electrical engineer and when I sell something to costumers and it breaks during the warranty period, I replace it.

Now I try to get back the defect VESC from the seller and check my options.
-money back
-new vesc

I will update this post when i have news.

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I’m sorry for this. May I ask why you did not buy it directly from Trampa boards ? Price was like 50€ cheaper I think.

I got mine from Trampa in 2 days. Not sure it would have be better for you, but at least you don’t have to deal with a reseller and would get direct answer from Trampaboards if anything happened.

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Should the title be reseller issue ?

The price at trampaboards is £500. <<< Pounds. This is in Euros (at this moment) just over €557
Price at shop.elektro-skateboard is (again at this moment) €580

Not sure where you got the €50 cheaper from?!

Yeah forgot I ordered it with a friend who owns a shop so no vat

I bought it there because i am from Austria and it is a german shop. And there is not really a price difference.

Maybe i need to contact trampa directly.
Are the active in this forum?

Not really! I’d reach out by email if I were you!

I assume that the reseller will approach his supplier with the claim, in this case should be trampa directly. This is at least standard in automotive. Do you know if such communication was taken place between your reseller and trampa?

Funny, I am also from Austria and bought my VESC on this Shop too.
I got the R3.
I had from beginning problems with the Bluetoothconnection too.
After some days without no success I download the latest firmware manually and flash it with the PC VESC Tool.
After this step all running perfect!

But I have little bit the feeling that this VESC was before the in use…

@Trampa is a regular on this forum :wink: Maybe can he give an opinion ?

I forgot to say it was not the only problem with the VESC before I Flash theme manually.
I also was not able to flash the VESC with the build in automatic flash mechanism. I got the info that I use Firmware xxx it is good blah blah blah but newer exists…
I got always “limited mode”. ( I not remind exact)

The only way, download the latest firmware for the revision R3 manually and flash the VESC manually.

Update in the first post. It is getting strange.

Really really strange now.

The shop do not answer my request to ship the vesc back to me, already 3 emails. I need to try to call them with another phone…