Water Block for YGE 205HVT ESC

I’m working on a Flying Rodeo build, and am planning on using a YGE 205HVT as my ESC. For cooling, I’m thinking of designing a replacement water block heatsink. Let me know if anyone’s interested in the design file and I’ll post my progress!

Here’s the YGE page with the ESC in question: http://www.yge.de/en/high-voltage-hv-2/

For reference, I’m hoping it will be similar to the Kontronik WaterCOOL Kosmik 300HV ESC’s water block: https://www.kontronik.com/en/https://www.kontronik.com/en/products/speedcontroller/speedcontroller1/kosmik/watercool-kosmik-300-hv.html.html

This is a beast. 300A nominal and up to 640A peak current. Do you know the price ?

The Kontronik one with a water block is listed here, pretty pricey and overkill for my build: Kontronik Kontronik WaterCOOL KOSMIK 300 HV, KON-48301

The YGE one is in stock here in the US and much cheaper: https://www.amainhobbies.com/yge-205a-hv-telemetry-esc-w-bec-yge-205hvt-bec/p895623 Figure I can save a few bucks by making my own water block since I don’t need 300A!

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For the YGE the water cooling is ready available. I will send mine in next week and the mount it for me. To do on your own might become difficult as the fets are glued to the heatsink

Oh really? Good to know. Who do you send it to to have them mount a water block?

I will send it directly to YGE

Ok, thanks for the info! I e-mailed YGE and they gave me the details to send it in, so cool that they do that - just sent mine.

Just got the ESC from YGE with the water block, here’s a picture if anyone’s interested!


Thats quite a serious heatsink! I definitely didn’t expect it to look like that.
What did it cost to add the heatsink?

@Jezza me neither, definitely seems like a well made water block, really impressed. They actually can’t replace the heatsink - they will swap out your brand new 205HVT with one with a water block for $30 euro (plus shipping)!

Thanks for the tip @Toto44 !

Mine should arrive next week. What is the diameter of the hose barbs?

@Toto44 Looks like 4mm, with about a 5mm barb:

I’m thinking of buying this ESC, how did it with out? Are you happy with the performance?