Water comes into my board

Yesterday I was on the water for the second time and my board drives perfect. The only problem I have is that water comes inside. I sealed everything before (lid is sealed with a Hatchseal Tape… works normally perfect)… for the cover I use the Gemlux closures, for mast connection I use a rubber seal.
I also use a water pump for cooling the ESC but also everything watertight.

I have no idea where the water comes from. Does anyone know a way to find where the leak is coming from?

Link: Hatchseal Tape what I use: Hatchseal Tape Neoprene Foam 3 m x 19 mm x 3 mm black | Adhesive Tapes | Maintenance | Yachticon Shop

Maybe this would work.
Try to line insides with paper. Then submerge the board and take it out, wipe it dry and then open the lid.

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Make over pressure inside the board, submerge and check the bubbles


I’m with Xsailer. Over pressure, water and soap.

Thanks for ideas. Will try this with over pressure … just have to get a bicycle pump

I remember these days! I used to flood the compartment and that showed me where I had leaking between the mast and enclosure. Once I worked that out and knew the only leaking then was from the lid. I then put the board in the water or pool and would put it underwater and look for bubbles. I would try those things. Also, chamois are your friend!!! Buy many and put them in the board so if water does come in, you’re safe. I once forgot to hookup the water intake from the mast to the ESC so water was pumping into the enclosure and my electronics were saved by chamois!


Could you tell me what “chamois” is? Never heard of it

Water absorbent towels essentially. Used on cars to quickly dry them off before water spots and such. But they absorb a lot of water and can save you if you’re having leaking issues around electronics!



What type of hatch latch do you use to lock the compartment with?
There is one type that slides when you open with the handle and that one leaks. Better to use the type where you need to turn it to open.

at: tylerclark. Thanks! now i know what you meant :slight_smile.

I use thees locks (2x) : https://gemlux.com/collections/all/products/6740 but these are 100% waterproof. I found the problem water runs in where the hinges are (also Gemlux). There is a seal but it is probably too thin. I guess I’ll have to buy another seal. Do you have any experience which is best …

My board is a Lift board and it didn’t seal when I bought it from them so I added another seal on the door so it’s two seals smashing together and it’s been 100% watertight for many many hours now.