Water Cooling Motor 9097 150KV for Efoil on line

Hello everyone, My name is Gavin, I’m from a professional Motor design and manufacture company Flipsky. we never post any topics here, but still some buyers are from this forumn.Besides our motor can be DIYED to be used in efoil.
Today, I’d like to share our new product information to you all. Welcome more comments for our continuous improvements. thanks
If you are interested or any questions you could send email to me for further conmunication:


  • Voltage Range(Cells of LiPo): 14-22S
  • Max Spin Speed(RPM): 13860
  • KV(RPM/V): 150
  • Current @8.4V without Loading: 2.2A
  • Max Power(KW): 18
  • Peak current(A): 360
  • Max torque(N*M): 27.5
  • Weight(kg):2.55
  • Construction: 24N/20P
  • Dimension: D90*L96.4
  • Shaft extension : φ12*L40
  • Plug: 10.0mm Plug
  • Max working temperature: 120︒C

Hi Gavin,

“I’m from a professional Motor design and manufacture company

Nice Hobiba motor mate :rofl:



Maybe you should ask us what we need from a motor, instead of creating a post for every unsuitable product you have.

The Flipsky 65161 waterproof motor in 100kv looks promising. Maybe pitch that one to us with a good discount.


Hi everybody,

This is Jamie, Gavin’s colleague. Gavin has been resigned from Flipsky for some personal reasons.

From now on, i will browse this forum from time to time and share some new / hot efoil related items. So if you’re interested or have any questions about our products, welcome to contact me for further supporting.


Hi michion, thanks for your interest in our motor 65161. We’ll soon have a promotion to celebarate “11.11”, if you still have purchasing needs, please pay attention to the promotion on our website flipsky.net. The activity time is CST TIME: 11.11-11.12 0:00-24:00. Thanks.

Hi, where is your 65161 120kv motor?

Hi, here’s the link:Efoil motor FS65161 100KV 6000W 20S water proof for motorized surfboard | Flipsky.net – FLIPSKY
The promotion will start soon, pls pay attention to it, thanks.

On your page, there is only 100 and 195kv. Please keep your page up to date!

I have a question about the flipsky motor. I bought the 120kv 65161 motor a few months ago. I thought I could use it for a direct drive but later I found out that there is no thrust bearing inside? Why do you not at a thrustbearing inside so we can use it without having to make something ourselfs?

You can use it direct. You don’t need a thrust bearing. I’ve been using one and it’s fine.

Witch prop do you use and how long are you using it?

I’ve run 3 different props on it between 6-8 inch pitch. I have a few hours on it. I don’t really measure the time that much. But it’s not exactly expensive if you need to replace bearings etc…
The lift motors aren’t using thrust bearings so clearly they not really needed.

sorry to ask but how do you know ? First FR motor was the same as Lift , now it is not …
Trust bearing has flat ball bearing , or angular bearing ? For the last one it is hard to tell else you take a part a Lift motor and you cross check bearing number , is it the case ?
On classic motor such as 56104… there is a thrust bearing , not ball bearing but there is always one

There is a pic of my 40mm to motor , you can see a thrust « bronze bearing » in front , there is the same at the back on the shaft , with pressure shim

I know because I’ve looked inside one.
The FR design is based off the lift motor (ie. Reverse engineered), but is not identical dimensions.
They most likely use angular contact bearings. I’ve never bothered taking the bearing specs down. If I open either again I’ll do it.
The 56104 does not have a thrust bearing. It has angular contact.
On your pic I don’t see a thrust bearing anywhere?

The gold round piece in front after the mount plate that hold the ball bearing
Same on the back before the ball bearing ( not shown in the pics )
2-3 shim and this part take the load of the shaft

That’s a brass spacer against an angular contact bearing. They handle both radial and axial loads.
A thrust will only handle Axial.
I haven’t looked at the bearings on the 65161 but would imagine they used angular contact…

Ok than i am sure Lift choose bearing that would take axial load such as angular bearing , I am not sure the 65 motor has this type of bearing so I would recommend to use a thrust bearing and anyway it will center the propeller ( most of the time printed) load and make less radial play for the bearing
But everybody can do as he wants

Reachertech have some photos of the internals on there alibaba page. Unfortunately they only use deepgroove bearings.
I played it safe and got a ceramic thrust bearing in the mix too. Plus an extra lip seal. Chinese engineering sucks! But I like the prices better. :smiley:

It would make sense that if anyone was worried about the bearing just to open up the motor and change bearings to angular contact. If I ever open my motor I’ll also add corrosion X to the inside just in case water ever does get in.

Yes but angular bearing even one stage are wider , not easy to replace the standard bearing
There is space outside before the propeller to put one , not angular but plane one , they are 12mm thick , I did that on my first 2 setup, even if my reisanauer gearbox has a angular bearing that that more than 50kg , and it is a big bearing , not easy to fit that king of angular bearing in a inrunner can