Water cooling on a 75200

I’m looking at buying a water cooled flipsky 75200, but would like to upgrade the water cooling lines and connectors like mentioned here by @okp and others.

Does anyone know what size thread hose connectors use? Or links to the parts they used?


If we are talking about this, then this is an M8 thread.And M6 on the back.

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Cheers, was this on a flipsky 75200?

Flipsky FSESC 75200

This is the VESC I was looking at here, they look like standard airline fittings.


Just got mine, same esc. I see that it is potted, Do you think it needs to be waterproofed in a box or is it good? Flipsky says the 75300’s are waterproof but nothing about the 75200’s.

IMO it depends on what your definition of “waterproof” and your risk tolerance is.

Flipsky simply pots the device and houses it in an aluminum enclosure. Certainly more “water resistant” than the non watercooled version in that it would be able to withstand some rain or drips from your hands or wetsuit etc.

I wouldn’t think it would stand up well to full
immersion if that’s your concern.

Price differential is small for watercooled version vs non so I consider it more durable and the thick aluminum base has some heat sink ability even without water flowing through it.

Yeah, I figured. I think it will be fine. It will be inside my hatch and it will be raised off the bottom so it won’t sit in water incase/when it leaks. I think il also add an extra layer of silicone over everything.

If you are planning on using the watercooling there are multiple posts on the forum about options. I didn’t like the quality of the tubing Flipsky supplies so modified a bit. :grinning:

Yeah, it’s pretty bad. I get some compressor lines. 8mm od 5id. Works great.