Water inlet for mast with multiple fuselages


Has anyone made a water inlet, for colling esc, in the mast? I now have two fuselages and I would like to have the water inlet in the mast instead of in the fuselage.

What about using aluminium break line/pipe that gets welded to the mast just above the fuselage? The pipe could run all the way up through the mast plate.

Any ideas?

How about on the mast clamp? I think that’s what most people including me are doing!

You mean on/in the 3d parts? Yes if it was a new build. I’m not so keen on taking it apart now.

Yes on/in the 3D part! You will get a good flow and less drag compared to having a tube sticking out of your mast! Plus, you may not need to drill additional holes on your mast.

You are right… I might get away with just replacing the nose…


Yes, just the nose should be fine! You could even drill a hole in it if you don’t want to reprint, then epoxy your water tube in place.