''Water proof'' remote controller test video


WH4 remote controller Water proof test


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I have a similar remote, very poor range. Also has glitches at some throttle pwm levels. Glitch to full throttle or zero throttle. Did you do anything to fix that?

Unfortunately, 2.4Ghz is not the way to go for watersport


separate receiver box on the nose of the board and a plastic tube connecting it with main “battery ESC” box solved my reception problems.

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Are you saying 2.4Ghz is not good for all water sports? Would you mind to show me the evidence that backs up your conclusion? From which authority are you quote from? How many water sports products have you tested?

please, more the frequency is high, less the penetration is. I don’t need to test a lot of products. It’s just physical. I let you show the following plot:

2.4 Ghz with -40dB is less than 10cm
433 Mhz with -40dB is around 4m


I haven’t seen any cases like that, but we would be responsible for the after-sales issues if you bought it from us.

Correct me if I am wrong, I thought -40dB transimission loss is equiquivalent to a concret wall blocking the signal.

Can you tell me whats the difference between your remote above and this one?

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It has a wrist band, that makes it true waterproof :joy::joy::joy:


@V_S you are a smart boy :rofl:

:thinking: not realy :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Would still like an answer?!?

No need for after-sale issues, you can test that easily with an oscilloscope or even without.
Connect a servo or ESC with motor to the receiver. In case you use an ESC make sure, the filter time inside the ESC is not too slow. Increase the throttle very slowly and evenly. If you find the servo or motor jerks at certain throtte values you know the remote has an issue, can return it to the seller and never sell any of these.
If you have an oscilloscope, connect it to the signal output of the receiver and trim the transmitter to 1 millisecond pulse length. Than increase the value slowly. You can trigger on pulselength longer than 1.2ms. If you record any jumps in pulselength you know the remote has issues. No good idea to sell it.

As the video shows, the one sold on our website is waterproof. This one is not, I thought you read it though. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

waterproof like this but no out of the box…Waterproof Remote Control for 40$ - #36 by michion - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) - FOIL.zone

I tested this remote under water for 1 day , still working but only after taking a part , even the foam under the board , silicone the battery terminal ( that was the problem on the first one ) , coated the board both sides

This remote has been improved over the year , so now it probably got a full coating inside ( not sure about the quality standard…)

As far as the signal jump , no problem with mine ( tested with a vesc)

So probably 4th version of this remote since the beginning ( higher price for the extra coating I guess)

Your video doesn’t proof anything as far as several uses and How long is going to last , weeks , month ?

Sure it works under water the first time but if water gets trap between board and coating , it is not going to dry and after a couple times it is paddling back to shore …

The best I guess is to send a sample test to someone that can test it or just post a pic of the inside so we can see it is worth buying it because it can be a solution people even at this price :wink:

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What has been done to waterproof it?

I got this one for 18€ on sale, best price ever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
filled with epoxy, and now waterproof, even without wrist band :joy::rofl::joy:

If you’re serious about posting on this site then please add some real information. In this remote thread the only thing needed is some pictures of the inside of your remote and the waterproofing in the design.

Right now, in every thread you post, i only see marketing fluff. Either you back this up with data and answer the questions or you’d be better off not posting since now you are just destroying your credibility.

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