Water vs air in mast. What are you doing?

My Dad and I keep going back and forth about this problem. I tell him that air in the mast is best and that it has to be sealed where the motor pod is and also where the mast reaches the board. He thinks that flooding the mast is best with a hole at the top to relieve pressure (air) when the mast is put in the water is best. He thinks when it’s filled with air it’s creating upward pressure that could blow the seals I have at the top. Thoughts? I think I’m good but you know, let’s talk about it.

Personally mine just fills with water, helps with cooling the cables a bit lol.

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Mine also floods with water. Dont see a problem either way.

water inside, mainly for better cooling , worked nice this way

Ok thanks everyone. Mine fills with water too, but it’s not blown out the seals I have at the top of the mast. I haven’t foiled yet though, so not sure if at speed that all changes! lol