Watercooling the ESC

Hi and sorry for multiple questions…
How have you arranged the watercooling of the ESC? Do you use a waterpump? What brand and type? Or is a free flowing system enough?
I tried a small car pump for windscreen washing fluid but it was not powerfull enough.
I’m using Maytech 300A ESC.

hello friend Ivryl … I bought the Mayteck kit and I also have your usual doubts, I contacted Eillen and she is always ready to answer she told me that if esc300a is in the water, no cooling is needed, but I have no in the bathroom … and I wanted advice from the many professionals of this wonderful forum … we await some answers …

Try this kind of pump, it is powerful enough. I have it in my setup


Do they exist with brushless motor?

Or did somebody disassemble a pump like this once? Can it be converted to a brushless motor? With a small ESC and servotester the flow rate could be regulated.

(I am not a fan of brush motors, i can remember earlier in model plane flying, the sparks of the brushes caused interference in the radio system, at that time still with the 27, 35, 40mhz remote controls)

I dunno about brushless but keep it simple. Order 5 pumps they cost nothing. Install them in a way you can exchange them. Put water out put visible so you can check while riding. Always test pump before and after foil

Those little brushless motors would be pretty expensive. Around 25€ without esc. I have seen combo brushless motors + esc as small as the one you’d use with a pump for around 60€ (I was searching for brushless replacement parts for a airsoft rifle).

Exemple with leopard hobby :
€ 23,21 | Léopard Hobby LBA1625 brushless 130 moteur RC 1625 inrunner 2 pôles pour mini-q mini-z voiture RC

Thank you for replies. I will go with @Ackermann suggestion.

Those little pumps work really well. Here is a photo of one I took apart. https://efoil.builders/uploads/default/original/2X/2/2f31edfe7786dd1d431e0450fd0d8b22ed897d13.jpeg