Waterproof connectors

The wire goes from the battery in the board down through the mast into the nose cone to the esc. I’m looking for connectors that can connect and fit inbetween the mast and board. Is there a thread of this or does anyone have some ideas so the cable isn’t sticking outside of the board and also makes the mast detachable?

Working on it. Here’s the concept.


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We built a small junction box at the back above the mast. (Not waterproof at the moment) Will use bullet connectors and heatshrink/ tape to dissassembled at first. Will build a waterproof connection thing to place inside the tube down to the mast. That can easily be disconnected. Only attached to the leads. Will make it easier to make.

I’m getting there. The concept is that the 3 bullet pins are epoxied directly into the top of the mast and the connectors are epoxied into the tuttle box. Using a thin rubber seal between the two will be sufficient to make a waterproof seal when the mast is plugged into to the board (tuttle box) and torqued tight with two bolts in the deck of the board. Happy to share all the files when it’s finished.

Nice. I see, that should work well with the Tuttle box. Might try to implement something similar in our base plate mount system.

Will be important to prevent moisture when taking it apart. Maybe have a plug or something, or the bullet connectors might corrode pretty fast

I don’t follow you.

The system is designed to be waterproof. How does water or moisture get in? The mast (containing three of male) ends up being torqued up against the tuttle box (containing three female connectors) with a rubber seal between both surfaces.

Or do you mean after disconnecting the parts? I’m. Going to slather everything in dielectric greese to prevent any afterwards corrosion…

Am I missing something?


I was thinking about when you take it apart after a session and put it in you car. Water may then run down and into the connectors. Grease will help, but some kind of plug or lid,l could make it even better. Had loads of problems with this on diving gear that originally was supposed to be waterproof. Water inside after a session/dive is a pain.

Will look into this as well. Would be nice to just unplug everything at once. (Not in two steps).


On formula windsurfing that are using deep tuttle box we have to wiggle the fin back and forth with a bit force (sometimes a lot of force) to get it out. It is impossible to just pull it out. And So I was thinking of how this will effect the bullet connectors?