Waterproof electrical disconnects?

Hey guys - anyone have any leads / ideas for some waterproof quick disconnects? My system is a bit funky, and it would be great to have a set so i can take pieces of it apart quickly.
I need three for the big motor wires (2 gauge), and three for some tiny wires, like 14 gauge…


More info and pics from you would be helpful, I made some improvised super easy quick dis/connect, proven to be waterproof, I don’t know if that’s the style of connection you’re interested in but just an idea.

These connectors are 5mm (EC5), soldered to the 8AWG motor wires, cover with standard shrink tubing, then I grab a 10mm ID glue-lined heat shrink (4:1 shrink ratio) I cut into two thin rings, then heat them over the connectors, the vinyl tube is 8x11mm

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Hey mate, thanks so much for this info - exactly the idea i was looking for.

Out of curiosity, does it actually matter if a little sea water touches the connectors?

Copper connectors will turn green quite soon and the cables will slowly turn black loosing conductance. Not great.

In terms of electric shock?
Only if you complete a circuit, meaning touching two two wires when the motor spins, but don’t worry about it too much, once you’re done making soldering and all that, drop it water for an hour or so to make sure they are waterproof.

LIFT recommend applying some Reel X oil on any electrical contact regularly:

210621 Reel X oil :