Waterproof Interface between mast and Board

Here we can share all possibilities to have good waterproof interface between mast and board in order to disassemble it.

Here a first exemple of fliteboard! Have you other details of your build?


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Can post more pics when I get home.


I’ve designed this one. Three phases for the motor and a pipe for the coooing water. The female, white part, is glued to the board.


Very nice design and for foil Gong super, have you been able to test it? Do you plan to share the stl for printing? Thank you manually


Very nice! Someone know how they have done on liftfoil?

Looks very nice.
I assume you’re using the Allvator Gong Mast. How did you secure the mast in the mast-to-board-adapter? Did you use the two screws or did you glue it in ?
I’m using the same Mast and Adapter and since it’s so slim I am thinking about glueing it in, but not sure if that would work.

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Thank you!

The male connector is held onto the mast foot by the three guide pins. The guide pins are actually m4 threads with a carbon fiber pipe on it.

The mast is held by the original screws.

The prints can’t be used without first sanding and coating them. The male and female need to be matched so that the o rings are compressed when the connector is “connected”. The margins are approx 0.1mm.

The main concern is if the petg will handle the heat from the connectors. There must be max surface area contact between the xt150:s in order to minimize heat.

Some pictures from the install/prep.


There are 4 o-rings. One per phase and one big that protects all three. In order for the o-rings to keep water out all surfaces must be sanded with 1500 grit and the coated. Silicone greas will be added before testing.


See post #2. My design is basically a copy of liftfoil it basically slides into the hole thats a printed collar that will be in the bottom of the board and then the foil screws in and it’s waterproofed with 2 rubber O rings.

Ok nice! How do you lnow this?Any picture? In all presentation it’s like they don’t want we see the interface…

That’s the only picture I found taken in YouTube

What’s the best between your system (seal in hole) or the system from flite on flat surface! Advantages?

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A buddy of mine has 2 of the lift foils kinda trying to copy

Please get an exact measurement of the motor diameter and length for us if you can.

Will do I’ll ask him today