Waterproofing board and motor assembly

Im new here and planing to start my efoil buil.
Im curious how do you guys waterproof your electronics and motor assembly?
Also wahat do you think about car underbody spray for waterproofing…

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Seriously, sorry to say , cars don’t go underwater … we are talking waterproofing and a lot of amps that is the problem here , enjoying your Ride , not worry about your heart stops being shocked in water
But you can try and let us now know about it


Welcome to the forum!

You will find all this information on the forum. I hate to say this…but there isn’t a shortcut. You have a lot of reading to do. Look under your stats. You’ll see your reading time. Your at 7 hours. When your at around 5 days it will all make since. :rofl::sob:

The short answer to your question is that the best waterproofing technique depends on the application. Some motors you coat with epoxy, some you fill with corrosionX. Electronics you might coat with Conformal coating, submerge in CX, or coat in silicon grease.

And no. I do not recommend using car under body coating.

Good luck with you build. Keep us posted how things progress!


The biggest issue with the car underbody sealants is they eventually crack and can then trap water.
The best way to prevent water on the electronics is have decent waterproof enclosures. If you still want more protection, you can use silicone or plastidip to coat them as well.

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Plus 1 for plastidip!!!

Thanks for the tips.
Plastidip sounds good idea.