Waydoo nose fix and battery button fix

I had a nose failure on an older model Waydoo, and managed a fix that might be useful for others. First off, after a few whiskeys and a bit of a sulk … I machined the front piece to take two M4 hex cap screws:

. I ground points on the ends of the screws and gave the cap a knock with a hammer when the two pieces were held together, giving me centers for drilling and tapping the fuselage piece. . I then tightened the cap screws with epoxy … this is the check before adding the glue: . Next was making a combined foil and “shoe” … using the repaired fuselage as a mandrill (putting dubbin on it first so that it would release … could find any wax in the house) … I do not have a vacuum pump so applied clingfilm, rags at the internal corners and insulation tape … and pricking the tape to allow the excess resin to come out. . The result: . This ended up a tight push fit. Once back on after tiding up I secured the shoe in place by the two screws normally holding the foil in place, plus a band of Kevlar strand wound around the motor and at the rear of the shoe (ending up at around about 3mm wide and 1mm thick, and I put resin on this to make it hard (the only part that I would need to break and reapply if I wanted to separate the shoe from the fuselage.
Note that I used quite a different foil than normally provided by Waydoo … the foil (with the shoe) that I have used is far more stable, seems to have a far wider speed range, and operates at 2-3 power settings lower for the same speed.
And the test … here is my son jumping: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rgriu03IZvGUz7ckI7g4EeGsl5gsLsyK/view?usp=share_link
I have since had about 20 hours and no signs of any issues … mind you, I have retired the Waydoos to use in fresh water only after a few issues with seals and water getting to the comms ports, so I have not had to worry so much about lingering salt water between the shoe and the motor body, etc.
I have also had a few battery button issues. I have three older model batteries with the push buttons, and I have now had 6 button failures. My first fixes were using quality IP68 buttons (Bulgin Momentary Push Button Switch, Panel Mount, Screw Mount, SPST, 19.2mm Cutout, 50V ac/dc, IP68, from RS Components) … I did have failures in sea water. I am now about to swap out all switches with magnetic switches, using the original switches drilled out from behind to take a magnetic switch https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002827473820.html?spm=a2g0o.order_detail.order_detail_item.3.7a36f19cRW1Sw1 and epoxy filling every cavity in the switch. Here are two about to get their epoxy poured into the front side: .
Hope this helps someone!