Waydoo quality issues

I am new here and a hope-to-be e-foiler. I hope someone here can help me.
I was once a surfer and I have been watching the wake surfers out on our lake with great envy. Now I am seeing e-foilers and these really appeal to me. I am looking at Waydoo Flyer One + because it is the only one that is in my price range. But the price point compared to its competitors leads to some concern about its quality. In doing my research I find a lot of posts about quality issues with Waydoo. But most of the posts are from '22 and earlier. Has Waydoo solved their quality issues and are they now producing a reliable product?

Hi Mike, this might help. You don’t have to join, unless you post

Yes seems like this with thousands sold… Just buy a waydoo Flyer Plus as this seems to be much better quality;-)

If they ship to your place, SiFly is also a good choice with their Rider Eco at less than 5000usd-eur: https://sifly.global/

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Yeah this looks pretty nice too. Looks like they copied Fliteboard and Waydoo and got the best out of it :sweat_smile: