Weak Diy Efoil, help plz

I have purchased a 65111 motor, 75100 pro vesc, and vx3 remote. Running on 13s. I would think I would have plenty of power but can barely get the board moving in the water. When out of the water. Prop throttles up pretty good and moves a good bit of air. Not sure if it’s a current thing. I have tried to set it up with vesc using the recommended settings. I did do motor detection with propeller on. Not sure if that could have a big effect on its performance. Any help appreciated. Any one have similar specs?

Share some screen shots of the vesc setup. Sounds like a motor or battery current issue.

Thanks strongarm for the reply. I had been messing with this earlier and was playing with settings so not exactly same settings when i tested this morning. I also switch to an older version of the Vesc tool since my esc runs an older firmware that flipsky recommends not upgrading. I did just put the foil in my hot tub and felt like it had some decent power though I never did that test before my first water test in the ocean this morning so not sure if would be the same with no power when out on open water. Wish I had a hot tub test prior to changing any settings earlier to compare any chances.

Change Motor current max to 180Amps
Change Absolute max current to 220Amps
Change slow ABS current to true
Change Battery current to 120Amps

Save these settings.

Then under “profiles” power limit the motor to 4000W, and make this a permanent change.

This will run the motor and the battery within its limits. The Vesc could thermal throttle as you might be pushing it quite hard without good cooling. Monitor the temperature during use.

With the 75200 I have used in the past

And set the profile power to 6500W.

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I am using the flipsky 65111 160kv motor, you think its ok to set the motor current that high? I think the site says 30A continious 70A peak

Ahh, sorry, i thought it was the 65161. You should be able to increase them a bit from the 60 they are currently. maybe try 120 Amps and see how it goes.

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I went from 60A to around 120A today and went from about 1 mph to almost 3-4. Maybe this motor is just not cutting it. Wonder if that’s why I can’t find much discussions of people using it

If you prefer a small and light motor, 63100, 140KV Outrunner works well.
Oder motors that work are 65161, 70182, FR (Lift) inrunners. There are more but most commonly used is 65161 inrunner.

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Went up to 90A and definitely was feeling some power but nervous to destroy the motor. Might just return. How many volts you running on your 65161? You can get moving pretty quick?

I run a 63100 @ 12S from 50 down to 38V. I need min 90A motor current to get on the foil (with a small wing or swell up to 150A). 65161 is in a similar range, most people run it between 12 and 14S. Your problem mitght be the initial torque you need to get on the foil. Once on the foil, rpm goes up and current drops as there is less resistance, but you need to get past that point.

What current is your 63100 rated to? You mind sharing which one you are using. I feel if I could run mine up to 120A for 15-20 seconds I could get up on foil but motor says only rated for 30A continuous 70A peak.

It is rated 80A but that limit is if run in air. As we run it wet (direct water contact), cooling is very good, I can go up to 160A motor current without burning it. It is a saite motor from alien power systems, similar to the one below, just sensorless: https://alienpowersystem.com/shop/brushless-motors/63mm/aps-63100-sensored-outrunner-brushless-motor-140kv-4500w/

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