What about using an electric chain saw?

Chain saws are strong and reliable.
Lots of torque
Usually 3000 rpm up to 10000 rpm
Controllers are included.

Any specialist here who could lighten us up ?

What specific problem of ‘traditional’ designs do you want to address with this?

A second-hand one would have all elements in the box, cheap and strong (battery, controller, motor, metal gears…). Something like 3000 watts from what I can read around.

If it can cut wood reliably at 3000 rpm, I suppose it could withstand a prop in the water without burning

Ok, worth investigating I guess. But if 3000 RPM is the lowest you can get, that could be a problem. The 80100 is around 3500 RPM at max. So you would go full speed, ultra-full speed (10000) or standstill with this?

Edit: you can use smaller props of course, but that’s less efficient.

There are actually plenty of it. Just need to find one with the right specs. The brushless ones should obviously be favored I guess.





56V - 234 USD ! Not sure what Arc lithium is though

80V … Use it at your own risk :wink: 230 USD

If someone finds one that is suitable, cheap and well available and finds a way to use it in a near plug and play fashion, this could be interesting for a low budget build :blush:

One thought only: If it comes with a 160Wh battery, the runtime with our power demand will be maximum 6 minutes. If you ask ESC and motor distributers, how long their equipment can withstand the maximum power advertised, the answer is often: Until your battery is down. If i tell them i have 1.4kWh, the conversation always stops.

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Fair enough. Now if motor and ESC are capable repeatedly of holding 6 mn without burning, what would prevent it from lasting longer if ESC is properly cooled ?
My point is that this is maybe the product which looks like the most to an efoil needs. With the right brushless motor with the right ESC and the right power and torque at the right speed at a fraction of the price ? Some have up to 3000w .

guys why don’t you simply take an outbord motor. in germany you may have 15 hp (!!!) without driving license.
This is enough to reach at least 60km/h is used as an liftfoil.

I’m thinking about doing such a project too.
used outboardmotors are cheap, 500€ for a good one!

even better:
165€ :fearful::fearful::fearful:

Those are combustion engines, this has nothing to do with eFoils. Those things are for sure fun as well, but a completely different story and don’t have any parts reusable for eFoils.

thats not right, you could use the prop^^


Ok, let s stick to electric cordless chain saws in that thread please :slight_smile:

Here is what is inside the ryobi chain saw with a hall effect sensor at an angle… Diameter of the motor 63mm. There is a similar one at HK rated at 2360w for 260kv, 8-10S

Brilliant post about dismounting the chainsaw :slight_smile:


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I think you are better off using an electric weedeater. I thought about going that route, but too many pans in the fire. It makes it easier as there is already a reduction gear and similar power to what people are using to successfully foil.

The motor is in the handle. A bunch of people have made canoe trolling motors with gas versions. You just take off the wire trimmer and put on a prop. Even comes with a prop guard. Seems easy enough!

Phil -
That etotheipiplusone blog is pretty interesting. Makes me want to go to MIT, where you can just play with toys all day.


Has anyone done any more down along this route?