What does everyone store their lipos in?

Looking for a safe way to store my lipos when not in use and also when charging. What are people using?

Have seen this:


Storing and charging, any metal box with a metal cover will do the job: ammunition box, old or junk metal tool box (hammer drill, drill, …) … and even barbecues with a lid (Weber style)…
Ammunition box US 02

Wondering how the soft therefore light bags fulfill their mission though:

Cool thanks, sounds like its not worth shelling out £80 for the bat box when an old anmo box will do the same job

Maybe a combination of soft bag within an anmo tin is the best of both worlds

I prefer your other solution, the one that can be useful to the whole family plus sausage and ribs compatible :wink:

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Ha ha, actually that’s where mine are right now until I find a new home for them!

We Love our Weber too much to risk it.

Metal box with compresses rock wool board.

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On the desk…

Do have several lipo safe bag for transport though. And an ammo tin with a hole drilled in for my bad batteries.

Also will probably charge the efoil packs in the garage when charging them at the full 1440W (24V 60A) that my charger can put out. (Almost 1C charging the packs) https://photos.app.goo.gl/JndLGn4Dym2uh8vq9

Just wondered the reason for the hole, is that to limit the chance of the box exploding?

Hahahaha! That’s my charging station!

Yes. It works very well. It is always the best when something you own can be used for multiple things. :rofl::beers:


Yeah, the thought was if the lipos did start on fire it wouldn’t pressurize itself into a large pipe bomb. Heard you are probably just as good by taking out the rubber gasket.

Sorry if this is a repost but found this video which has some interesting information about vents and removing the seals of ammo boxes. They test an ammo box and the Bat-safe

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