What hydrofoil for E-foil.?

What foils do people use and why?
we ended up using the NOBILE system, but mainly because they had a sale at kingoffwatersports,com :stuck_out_tongue: In our opinion The Nobile foil is not ideal, as it does not generate sufficient lift for E-foil. We ended up machining several different front wings to make it better. In the setup we use now we have a plywood front wing.
seen quite a few NOBILE based E-foil system being made as of now. But that might be because of our V1 plans:P

Heard and seen that many people 3D print and laminate their hydrofoils, but not yet seen 3D foils in use? I have several hydrofoil designs if anyone is interested in testing them, I can send files😊


On my end, I will try with this Foil … https://crazyfoil.com/ … The Wing Span is larger and should be more stable…but the maximum speed limited.

I will try it in water in a couple of week (Hope that the lake will not become Ice in Canada too soon :slight_smile:


I think it would be awesome to share your designs

I’m in the process of building my own, wanted an excuse to work with some carbon fiber again. The first one I’m building is using a shaped cedar core that is wraped with carbon. If this one doesn’t work well I can make multiple interchangeable wings to perfect the lift.

We are building one to work with excisting levitaz foild going to run with the cruiser wing molding this in carbon getting a custom 50kv engine for direct drive see how that will work out :ghost:

Duct/propp from @Hiorth but will give the mercury propp a go in there too


I have buy it to

Cool modular concept :smiley: But for this baby you will need a hell of power :sunglasses::

Why did you say that?

I using a Ketos FR2 XL, it’s a windsurf wings so it’s big and stable the lift is smooth, I using the same mast Nobile, very easy to pass the 9awg wire but that’s the only one I had in aluminium
Fuselage : homemade in aluminium


thanks so much for sharing.
I am realy interested in the two builds with the Crazyfoil. It seems like a modestly priced foil that allows for adjustments without the cost of replacing the higher end foils or time that would be needed to make and remake your own foils.

Please keep us informed of your progress and share your thoughts about this foil.

All works fine with the motor since 2 months (it’s a old picture)
no modification on the foil juste on the board.
Lipo and ESC integration, and coating removing

Hi Vincent, Did you try your proto with the CrazyFoil…? Here, in Canada, it’s getting really cold. I’ve been trying it on a lake 2 weeks ago. Did not have time to get a windsurf board modified and I tried with a old “short” surfing board… not enough buoyancy… was not hable to reach the lift speed (20 kph…)… Will need to wait 6 months an work on my model… what about you?

hi NickBee. and Vicent
love your prototypes.
what are your thoughts on the "crazyfoil"

NickBee and Vincentbraillard, I’m also interested in your results of the crazy foil. Which setup did you order?
FYI, for others, here is the link to the info on the characteristics of each model, great info!

does somoene knows, is it possible to use a f-one alu mast? maybe somoene has a picture or has already tried to put the cable trough the

hello @blocoloco, I do own a f-one alu mast but haven’t drilled it.
My mast has a fitting for a deep KF-Box and this fitting seems to be epoxied into the mast and I haven’t tried to remove it.
Altogehter I think there are masts and combos that are better suited for e-foiling that the f-one one.

If there are other experiences I would be interested as well.



Great :+1: where can we buy it?

if anyone needs it?

test version (carbon wing, aircraft aluminum)! LENGHT of MAST 60cm

Prepared holes for cable :slight_smile: