What I learned trying to build vs. buying new

Hi all! Wanted to share my history here as I think it might help new builders/buyers.

I, like many on this forum, was so pumped when I saw pacificmeisters first videos. I bought a 3d printer, mast, got most of my parts, and decided to outsource the board to another member. I spent probably 50+hours reading and researching my build, but got sidetracked with product delays, other life stuff, etc.

I wanted to build mainly to save money.

I gave up on my build 2 years ago, and sold everything. Mostly just didnt have the time.

I just bought a Fliteboard Series 3. I know it’s not what most people on this forum do, but my experience after finally getting my first ride yestereday, was amazing. I can’t wait to keep riding, enjoy the 2 year warranty, and enjoy the sport. Just my 2 cents for those trying to build/considering buying new.

Here is my first ride: https://youtu.be/-RnCOP7vE9A


Thanks for sharing and posting the video.

I live on Prior Lake. I actually saw when you fell haha. It sure did look cold.

Funny enough I was actually working on my own foil build when I saw foil by. I may take mine out next weekend.

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That’s awesome! Yeah my pal ripped under the bridge with his Jetboard and there was a thin layer of Ice, and I haven’t perfected slow, tight turns yet haha. Need a few more degree’s and we’ll be out again.

Gutsy move heading out for the first time with a knit hat and a GoPro stick, seems like you did pretty well though! So many cool lakes to explore up there in Minnesota. Maybe when summer gets going you can throw on a folding prop and try wake thieving!

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Fully understand you, and congrats for the purchase :slight_smile:
But I still think making your own board is the better choice, when you put everything together, and you fly for the first time, kinda putt you a smile witch is very difficult to remove, definitely a reword worth the hassle :v:


It can only get better as it gets warmer lol. Excited to explore different lakes all season

If that really was your first ride on an efoil I am impressed with your balance! Took me a few times foiling on my knees before I even tried to standup just to get the speed and flying sorted out first. Is that the pro 5ft?

Agreed! If i ever find myself with more time, I’d still like to build my own. It’s just the time that I’m missing. I think if i didn’t buy one, I’d probably not be riding for another 5 years!

I think many people are overdoing their first builds. Built my first efoil in three weeks, mostly on the weekends since i worked at the same time and the board still works four years later, been using it for hundreds of rides now. It can be done if your goal is to get out on the water and not win the ”best looking board” price :slightly_smiling_face:


I totally understand you, time is the problem for a lot of us… But now with cheap and good efoils on the market like waydoo or sifly for around 6000$ with 2 years warranty it really makes sens just to buy a new board and enjoy the litle time with riding. However a lot of us like to spend time building…but it`s not the cheaper way anymore :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :wink:

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Not cheaper to diy? I beg to disagree.

the prices you qoute are without VAT so actually they are 20% higher, getting a sifly rider (board only) at 1290eur is 2050eur with taxes and shipping.

I built my first efoil for 1300eur - with shipping included and all stuff needed for riding, even charger.

Prices have risen quite a lot since but still there’s no comparison between diy efoil costs and brand efoil costs