What is the best motor I can get for the fastest jet surf?

I’m more interested in speed and performance than cruising so I decided to do a jet surf rather than a E-Sup or E-Foil, what setup has high performance and still has a shot at not breaking the bank?

I am not an hydro expert, but imho this is a common misconception to believe that a jet powered surfboard would be faster than an efoil on all aspects.
Sure jetsurf might accelerate faster, but top speed ? If money isn’t an issue I am 100% sure there are people/companies that can build you an efoil for 60kmh+ with custom parts, but that would probably cost you at the very least 15k€+…
Not to mention that you would need a motor pod capable of sustaining probably 10kw-12kw at that speed depending on your weight, and as far as I know, there arn’t that much companies around that can build such a direct drive unit :slight_smile:

Probably the best you can get.

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Well the thing is I like to be close to the water and feel a rough bouy course rather than just cruising above the waves

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I have a MHZ kit as described by Chris to sell if you are in Europe…

Unfortunately I live in the USA, but thanks for the input

How do you cool the motor and the ESC?

Jet powered is better then prop but a jet needs contact to water , can not go over the water so at last a flying board with mountet prop under water will be faster i think