What is this connection?

Hey guys - i inherited this semi-constructed efoil and it has an aqua marina sup engine on it. The engine has a four pin weipu connector coming off of it. I want to hook up some batteries etc, but I am only familiar with a 3-phase motor with 3 wire inputs. Anyone know what these 4 could be?

One could be a ground. Check with a meter to see if you get continuity to the metal on them motor.

Otherwise you’d probably need to scope the wires while turning it to see where there is voltage popping up.

are you sure this is a brushless motor?

I’d chop this cable to figure out, you could then resolder the wires or replace the old plug with MT60 connector, if that’s a brushless motor then one of the pins should be inactive.

I’m not sure that it is a brushless motor, no. I have no idea what kind of motor it is, actually…

has that ever flown?
i did a quick search and that model seems to be the “bluedrive”, apparently rated at 240W , with a target speed of 5kph…

EDIT: aliexpress link https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32827077683.html

I’m pretty sure it has not ever flown - the guy who was building it died recently. I think you are correct about that motor - it’s prob. a piece of garbage! Wondering how to get it spinning regardless.

I will put my own motor on it if i can’t figure it out.

I believe the motor could probably withstand a lot more than 240 watts…? I’d be using my own ESC and batteries…?