What motor do you recommend? I am about to order

So I am plan to order the motor this week. What can you recommend? I decided to go for 50volts since most people told me that 110V is to dangerous. There are so many options even just for the SSS motor. I don´t know what to get. Especially with the ESC. I never really understood those brushless motors. I could coppy Pacificmeisters build of course, but then where would the innovation be?

Mounting everything is no problem. I can design and CNC everything myself. I don´t mind spending a bit more for good parts. I also need a matching gearbox. The surfboard is a bit on the heavy side at the moment.


If you go with SSS, Realize there are at least two flavors. 56104 and 56114, both 500kv.
The former what is widely used, the later just a bit longer and… more torque, maybe 15-20%?

I guess I go for longer then? And what KV?

Both are 500 Kv. I just finished putting all the electrical and most mechanical together except for a few 3D printed parts. Measuring with tach amps volts later today both units
51164 has 10mm shaft. 51064 has 8mm shaft

Shaft doesn’t matter for me, but thanks. There are 370kv versions in this german RC-store.

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Hi @MaxMaker,

I would select the KV according to the max voltage, I looked at this german store. In my mind the motor should be able to get it‘s max rated torque and rpm with the max battery voltage. You know my concerns with higher voltage, thus I calculated with 50V. What I mean by this is the induced voltage (motor is also a generator) of e.g. 45000rpm/700kv=64V. If your battery has a lower voltage you can’t reach the max speed and thus the full power. Maybe this is no concern to you as the gearbox input rpm is limited anyway. This is the motor I will most likely use in the future, with max 2.8Nm. It should be easier to cool in a housing than the outrunner 6374 with about 2.8Nm I am currently testing with as direct drive for my impeller system.