What motor type?

I’m using Flipsky 65161 120V motor and wondering what motor you select?.. is it a small inrunner?.. medium?

I use large on motor wizard

Been having lots of trouble setting it up in the program… getting flux linkage errors … and seemed to only work when I selected small inrunner … I see a lot of people select med inrunner … would be nice if flipsky provided some info on how to set this thing up … most times it would try to detect motor and do it’s thing but it would just vibrate and make a strange noise… hopefully it didn’t ruin anything… already ruined one speed control trying to set it up and now that is is working I’m almost scared to mess with it… but dosent seem to be set up right

depends a lot on VESC FW. 5.1 gives good results

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Could not properly detect my motor with motor wizzard in FW5.3, 5.1 works fine.

Will 5.1 parameters work better on 5.3 FW offering new functionalities.

You need to redefine/redetect motor paraemters as they are derived sligthly differently, as far as I understood. Manual detection without wizzard did work for me but I haven’t tried it under load. If you don’t need field weakening an your hw does not have hw filters, there is no point to use FW5.3 if 5.1 runs stable.

I had in mind the emergency stop using magnetic switch…

That is correct, that would require fw5.3.