What oil is used inside Lift’s motor?

Accidentally spilled out the oil inside my lift efoil while removing the prop guard (removed the wrong screws). What and how much oil is used to replace it?


It’s a mineral oil. I drained mine out and filled it with corrosionX

Just put back in the amount that leaked out. Add an extra couple of ounces.


Finally got a reply from lift with the following instructions;
Here are the steps that one would have to do to top off your motor with oil:

  1. Remove the rear guard using a T10 Torx bit driver

  2. Wedge the handle of a screw driver (ideally with a rubber grip) in-between a propeller blade and the support strut on the ducted shroud. This will prevent the propeller from spinning during step 3.

  3. Using a 5mm hex key, loosen the screw that holds the propeller onto the motor shaft. Once the screw is removed, remove the object that is wedged between the propeller and the shroud

  4. Press something rigid yet smooth, like a long, skinny block of wood, and press against the back side of the propeller’s hub. Using a rubber mallet, gently tap the wood block to transfer force to the propeller in an effort to remove from the motor’s shaft. Give a gentle tap, rotate the propeller 180° and give it another tap. The idea is to keep rotating the propeller between hitting with the rubber mallet to prevent it from getting skewed, similar to how you rotate loosening lug nuts when changing a tire. Keep in mind that you may need to apply some anti-seize liquid (like the Reel-X that is supplied with every eFoil order) to complete this step.

  5. Once the standard propeller is removed, remove the dowel pin that keeps the propeller on the shaft and put it somewhere where you won’t lose it.

  6. Use a 2.5mm hex tool to remove the four screws that hold the shroud to the motor’s end cap.

  7. Locate the oil screw (show in picture) and remove by using a 2.5mm hex tool

  8. Either inject or use a funnel to, pour in a light mineral oil. If it is empty, pour in around 6.5 oz.

You can use this type of oil: https://www.mcmaster.com/3190k628

Here is a video showing how to remove your prop: Replacing the prop


How you liking the Lift board? You got a folding prop?