What proper cable size between battery and VESC?

Hello Foil builders.
I saw couple of discussion about it but still don’t have full clarity about it so I 'd like to ask it separately.
In fact, the maximum Amps that we can draw from battery is around 100A. What is proper size for cables between battery and Vesc for 50 cm in such case?
Seems for me as single 8AWG isn’t enough and should I place two cables 8AWG in paraller, either for positive and negative way, resulted in total 4 times 8AWG x 50 cm cables?
Please advice:-)


8AWG should be OK, assuming you are not pulling 100A all the time. I use 8 AWG and due to Motor current limitation in Vesc, my max Battery current is around 80A. No problem as the current goes down to 30-50A when cruising. I know other guys that use 8 AWG without problems. You could also use 2 10 AWG in parallel as thinner cables are easier to solder