What size Gong foil should I get?

Hey everyone,

I’m purchasing the Gong “surf foil allvator all rise” for my first build. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what size I should purchase? Is their weight limit based on how much weight the foil can hold, or how much is ideal for surfing? Since this is an efoil, could I go for the medium foil and get faster speeds since the wing is smaller?

Here’s the link, I’m about 65kg for reference, but the foil will potentially be used by a bit heavier people.

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Im driving the L but I go this Summer on a M wing i have with neopren 95kg best regards sebastian

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On my rigid with reducer I use a Gong M t’aille : it’s incisive and fast ( for my taste ). With the inflatable MALA and in direct drive the M is energy consuming and the take-off is too long for my taste…with the L from Gong it is much better on the inflatable.

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I started on the rise xl size at 135kg total weight and i could drive the board straight up to foil from a standstill. The xl is oversized and i would recommend anyone to go smaller.

Hi Lars,
How much current are you drawing on your setup?
I read that you have a gong XL and a gong LT. Do you remember how much current both of them drew when the rest is about a similar setup?

I never measured and my setup is way overpowered, both battery and controller will output 300A for as long as i need it. Come to think of it, if the board is super small or a really low takeoff speed is wanted then maybe the xl will be an option. Just maybe :grinning: