What size Gong foil should I get?

Hey everyone,

I’m purchasing the Gong “surf foil allvator all rise” for my first build. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on what size I should purchase? Is their weight limit based on how much weight the foil can hold, or how much is ideal for surfing? Since this is an efoil, could I go for the medium foil and get faster speeds since the wing is smaller?

Here’s the link, I’m about 65kg for reference, but the foil will potentially be used by a bit heavier people.

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Im driving the L but I go this Summer on a M wing i have with neopren 95kg best regards sebastian

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On my rigid with reducer I use a Gong M t’aille : it’s incisive and fast ( for my taste ). With the inflatable MALA and in direct drive the M is energy consuming and the take-off is too long for my taste…with the L from Gong it is much better on the inflatable.

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I started on the rise xxl size at 135kg total weight and i could drive the board straight up to foil from a standstill. The xxl is oversized and i would recommend anyone to go smaller.

Hi Lars,
How much current are you drawing on your setup?
I read that you have a gong XL and a gong LT. Do you remember how much current both of them drew when the rest is about a similar setup?

I never measured and my setup is way overpowered, both battery and controller will output 300A for as long as i need it. Come to think of it, if the board is super small or a really low takeoff speed is wanted then maybe the xxl will be an option. Just maybe :grinning:

Okay, thanks
My total weight including the board is similar at around 135kg, and without knowing anything I bought the Gong Rise M because price and speed hehe. But I needed 100A to fly and the battery got too hot (40*C) after just 10 min, but after building a new front wing with similar dimensions as the Rise M but with 90cm width instead of 70cm (so basically a Rise XL with slightly shorter chord) and with that I got the current down to 40A and therefore being able to use the full capacity of the batteries without overheating. But 40A is still a lot if I want some range. I have a 12S 44Ah battery. And my dream is to push down the current to 20A. I was thinking of buying Gong Curve XL-T or Gong Curve XXL. What’s the biggest reason for choosing a smaller wing? Maneuverability?

Edit: i had to check and i actually had a gong xxl

Speed and agility, the gong rise xxl has a really low flight speed and moves like a truck. It also stalls at a lower speed.

100A with the gong M sounds like a lot. Could controller settings or propeller have been optimised? My first propellers and settings drew 200A without liftoff, all efficiency can be lost if not getting it right.

Okay, that is reassuring! So I might not need a bigger wing :+1:
I believe my settings are okay, but the prop is just one I found here on the forum!
I have a logger in shipping witch I hope will help! To see the current, rpm, speed and so on and match a prop to get the optimal condition for my particular motor!

Just a distinction if you don’t know this already: battery current and motor current are not at all the same so when i say i couldn’t get up on 200A current then i meant the motor phase current value. Current from the battery at this time might have been less than 100A, depending on the propeller rpm that was reached.

Yes I know, I believe I meant the batt current, though I’m not sure! It’s what displayed in my flipsky remote! I’ll now for sure when the logger arrives!
My phase current are set to max 200A and Battery current max 110A!

I weigh 85kg and board/foil/battery weighs 30kg, I’m riding the gong allvator M. Im using a flipsky 65121, smaller version of the more popular 65161, and a flipsky 75100 VESC. I couldn’t get up on my first board, it was a small board about 4.5’ on length, now I’m getting up after mounting the foil on my 8’ paddle board, maxing out at 120A motor current, and 75a battery current, I get up on the foil at about 15kph, then my current drops to 30-40 battery amps and around 70-80 motor amps, as shown on the VESC display. I’m still having trouble though, I think my surf board is too flexible and making me unstable when I shift my weight forward as lift increases. I could ride this thing well being pulled behind the boat.

Here’s a video with VESC data