What vesc can I buy that will just work

I think I’ve just blown my 65161 motor up trying to get it to work with my flipsky 75300 as it’s stopped spinning and motor detection on vesc tool states there’s a short so is there a ESC I can buy that will just plug in or auto detect and work automatically with a 65161 or a FR if they are still selling motors

I have had good luck with the g-300 by makerX, but any VESC will need to be programmed first.

If you buy one of those I can share the file for you.

Where are you based?

It may pay to check its not a wiring issue before you go and buy a new vesc/motor also Check windings of motor are not shorted internally

I’ve used the efoil plenty of times but I’ve recently changed from 12s to 14s so I went to change the low voltage cut offs and forgot to read the data from the controller first and reset everything
I’ve been trying to get it working again for a while now and I think I set the wrong settings and blew either the controller or the motor
I’m planning on checking the windings tomorrow

I’m in new Zealand, I’ll look into the ESC thanks