What would be your dream specs?

Hi, I’m very new to the forum and joined as I hope to start my own build shortly. Being new to efoils there are a lot of questions :slight_smile:

So basically I would like to hear what your dream specs would be if you were to start a new build today and why.

Starting with the size of the board, size of the wings on the foil, mast length, connectors, thickness of the wires, battery size and design, BMS, ESC, cooling, controller, motor, propeller etc etc.

I hope that I can piggyback on your collective experience and get enough of a jump start to be on the water this summer.

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris, although I’m working on an jet surfboard and not e-foil, I believe that in order for you to build one relatively quickly is by getting a waterproof direct drive motor like the Maytech 65162 inrunner
Like this one: https://a.aliexpress.com/_dVB4BwL
Maytech also selling complete kit that includes all the electronics like this: https://a.aliexpress.com/_BfAogntv
However, a complete kit is very expensive, imo I would go for just the motor+prop and buy Flier esc separately, keep in mind that building an e-Foil is a full time job so I wouldn’t want to spend extra time for getting a gearbox, machining lots of custom parts ,etc. shipping time might take a while too, so consider what work best for you, Good Luck!

Thank you for the input. Yes the Maytech is a bit pricy, but I’ll have a look at it.