What's difference of different MTSKR1905WF waterproof remote firmware versions?

The Maytech Waterproof Remote MTSKR1905WF signal has 3 power levels, we define them 0, 1, 2:
Level 0 < Level 1< Level 2.

V1.32.1 (or V1.31.1), the verstion is with Level 1 signal power, which is more power than before Level 0 power (V1.18), with same Esurf and Esk8 modes inside. This is default standard firmware vertsion of all MTSKR1905WF now.

Following two firmware versions can be customized if customers select the firmware version when order:
V2.32.1 (or V2.31.1), Esurf mode only/3 speed modes, Level 1 signal power
V2.32.2 (or V2.31.2), Esurf mode only/3 speed modes, Level 2 signal power (strongest power version, so remote battery working time per charge is shortented to about 2hours)

What’s difference of Esk8 and Esurf modes?
Esk8: throttle 1.5-2ms, brake 1.5-1ms; zero position 1.5ms;
Esurf: throttle 1-2ms, no brake, zero position 1ms.

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