When connecting battery it makes a slight pop noise

Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated!

Use Anti Spark Connectors. Its Arc Flash

Thanks for your response.
You think it will have a performance effect on the board?

Its your ESC capacitors charging instantly. Capacitors act like a short circuit when un-charged. When you plug in an uncharged capacitor by I=V/R (and R is 0) I can be hundred of amps. This will eventually cause a short in your ESC capacitors and your ESC will go out with a flame.

The antispark replaces a solid female cylinder contact with two cylinders connected by a small resistor. Since the front of the female contact must touch before the back does, it allows a small amount of charge to fill the ESC capacitors at lower current as you plug in.

There is no adverse effect once the connector is fully mated.

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To put @nickw1881 response into simple english, it won’t have a performance effect on the board. The board will continue to operate normally until the capacitors blow - which they will do given enough time and connections. Better to change the connectors for Anti Spark ones (they operate as per Nicks Post above) and do away with the issue all together. They are cheap enough esp when you consider the ESC is a few hundred quid - and replacements from China these days are on a Covid timeline.

Also, the larger the battery you use the bigger the pop/spark/flash when you connect so bear this in mind. It might be ok at a small ‘pop’ now but the potential is there for much worse happening

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Thanks for such a thorough answer.
Where can I get such connectors?


Aliexpress.com “XT90-S AS150”
AS150 good price for 5/10 pairs : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000203602589.html

I have the AS150 on the link above, work a treat if thats anything to go by

Ordered these. Thanks for the info, will update when I receive them.

Ordered the XT90-S connectors for this, think that should take care of the issue?

Thank you,


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what would be the difference in these 2 XT90-S and the AS150?

Thanks SoEFoil,


XT90 rated with 90A
AS150 rated with 150A
For connecting battery I would use AS150

I had ordered the XT90 any performance difference you think? Or just wear and tear?

The lower the resistors the better - ohmic law is a nasty thing :sunglasses:

Sorry Mike,
Not a tech guy, definitely need translation please, I bought the XT90 think they’ll be okay long term with this pop noise when connecting one of my batteries?

Thank you in advance!


Received the XT90, a little confused to how to install. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi again,
You had said you’d pick the AS150 over the XT90-S, how would I instal them. As you can tell be the question, I know how to ride a efoil really well, but just learning how to fix them. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

But you can solder and you have a good soldering iron?

Hi Mike

Are these connectors installed onto the wires connected to the battery connectors?

Ok, so youtube will help to install. Really great intal video’s for this.
These new connectors will now be part of the board connection wires. My original issue I was thinking was the battery. just to note, When connecting other batteries I have to this board it does NOT make a pop noise, do you still think it is the arc flash issue and will now be protecting the board and battery with no pop issue after installing?