Where to buy the right EPS Foam in LA area

I have been looking around to buy foam sheet with 5 to 6 inch thickness 1 to 2 lb density to cut and make the board. Unfortunately shipping them online costs crazy numbers around 200 to 300$.

I don’t want to stick thinner sheets to reach appropriate thickness. If you guys know any store in south California that sells thick EPS foam sheets I would be appreciated if you share with me

LA has several surfboard making supply shops for shapers. Just google “surfbaord shapers supplies”. Here’s one.

if dedicated surfboard blanks are too small (width and thickness can be the issue) look at construction… or at cake making :slight_smile: i got my blocks with a guy that does “dummy cakes”, he sold me the exact dimension i wanted…

where in SoCal are you? Ask the paddleboard Companies, as they have 6" blanks. If you need connections, I can help.

@skiagua I live in Long Beach I would be appreciated if you share your connections around here thanks

I ordered 3in thick 1LB foam from above site. Search their website for EPS_4PACK and they offer sheets of eps foam in 2foot by 4foot sections, at 3 inches thick for 1LB foam its $97, free shipping on orders over $75.

Placed an order, but it hasn’t arrived(only been 2 days) so I don’t know if reputable. Before I found this site, I planned on

  1. using a plywood board like Clearwater Hydrofoils. Cheap. Floats until you stand on it.
  2. Buying an old surfboard/ paddleboard off facebook marketplace or craigslist(cheapest I found was $300 tho)
  3. Taping together four old boogie boards I have in my attic
  4. buying amazon’s $200 surfboard

So far, foambymail is the cheapest option, they seem legit enough to me. I placed an order, will let you know if I get it or not

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@Surfcowboy just made some boards in la. He probably knows.

@Hdip this is 2 years old but I use Foam Sales Group which you can google easily. (They are moving so I’m not posting links.)

Guidelines for people trying to buy “the right foam.”

EPS Expanded PolyStyrene. I use 1.5 lb (pound) density. Some people use 1lb and some have used 2lb but that’s really too heavy.

Normally you can buy a 4’X8’ sheet, 4" thick, in 2021 for between $50-$75. So while you may worry about buying a big piece, if you can pick it up, you can get a lot of foam cheap. I recently bought a 5" thick 4X8 sheet for under $60 US.

If you’re not in LA, just google industrial or construction foam suppliers and call them. If they don’t have EPS, they will know where to get it. It’s locally available in most places since it’s used in many industries. It seems to ship in blocks that are 1-2 feet thick. Usually you can get the thickness you want cut.

Hope this helps!

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You act like I read time stamps cowboy. I don’t have time for that. My adHd doesn’t allow me. (The H is the important bit)

I got my foam! shipping was slow(UPS ground5-7 days) and they shipped ~3 business days after I ordered. We’re all too used to amazon prime. But the foam looks great! only one ding in the box that ripped through to the foam, minor damage and totally useable I can fully endorse foam by mail for anyone’s foam needs. If anyone knows of cheaper ways to get foam please let me know however