Where to start?

Hi to all members.
I’m totally new in efoiling and I want to make one for myself.
But it is hard to start if your dont know basics.

For the beginning what kind of deck do I need for efoiling? What size? I have 90kg. I would build deck by myself. I don’t want to just go and buy it…this is no fun :slight_smile:
I have knowledge about all electronics because I already make diy longboard with top speed of 70km/h…but this it totally different world.
And i have all tools needed to make it( 3d printer, cnc machine, laser cutter, lathe, big size saw…)
And that’s why I decided to make one.
So what kind of deck do I need for cruising and not so much top speed? I think top speed 40km/h is more than enough.

@Felixxx start here;

In post that you suggested he is making jet board…I’m looking for efoil board…he build 150l volume deck.
And here is the first problem form me. My board cant be longer then 130cm. Because I travel with campervan and it cant be longer. Is there any way I can make board from 2 parts so I can store it in my cargo place?
For example back pice in total length 110cm and front pice 50cm. Just to get enough volume so it won’t sink with me on board?
And this is the main problem I have to solve before I go on. If I can’t solve problem with length of my board I will not even start.

Start by reading most prominent builds in the Build section from forum.
Sort by most popular, discussed or similar and then you will get an idea what will work for you.