Which esc do I need for Flying Rodeo Motor?

Hello everybody,
after reading this great forum for weeks, I’m so excited that I want to build my own efoil.
In order to make as few mistakes as possible, I would like to discuss my setup with you in advance, so I will ask questions in different parts of the forum , for not to discuss everything in one thread. Unfortunately I have no idea about electrical systems, I would like to start with that problem…:
I wonna buy the motor unit from Flying Rodeo. FR recommends the ESC KOSMIK 160 HV (599, - €)
Alternatively I see the TRAMPA 75/300 (599, - €)
Or is even the smaller TRAMPA VESC 6 plus (255, - €) enough?

Next part: I do not know what batteries I need for this setup. Would 2x Turnigy High Capacity 20000mAh 6S 12C Lipo Pack w / XT90 be okay?
I look forward to your answer and advice and sorry for my ignorance :slight_smile:

Depending on what capabilities you have, you could also go with the a200 vesc from team triforce and add a watercooled heatsink. That would probably be my choice of ESC if I were to buy a new one right now.

okay, is it an esc that I can discuss here in the forum, if problems arise?
And requirements …
As a beginner, I can not overlook that. I just want to keep things simple, but I want to keep the future open.

I am using the vesc 75/300 with the FL motor and it work perfect : setting are 130A for the motor and 60A for the battery , running 12s but 18650 which a bit lower in voltage then 12s in lipo

So for the moment battery doesn’t see over 60A which takes me to 30km/h with a 1250 wing

With this number the vesc6+ with a good cooling should work , and I say should because I think nobody runs this setup

The flipsky is a good candidate as well

I don’ t know these others

If money doesnt matter, take a Vesc 75/300.
Fuckin beauty piece of elektronik and should be able to power any eFoil motor. You can get great support by a big Vesc Community, Trampa, and I guess, If you have special questions, you get support by Vedder himself.

I’m a little ashamed to test and maybe use later a cheap China Vesc.
I would buy and support Vedder for his great work with bying the original, but i dont have proof, the 6 works as well, and: i cant afford me the 75/300

I cant afford it, to buy an esc, which I cant handle without support…
I`m not good in electronic. So I think, better to pay a lot of money :hot_face:
Thanks for your help.
Is it possible to use the 75/300 without a special cooling?
I want to combine it with two of these batteryblocks. Is it okay? Or what would you recommend?


if I use the 75/300, do I need an arduino, or can I then connect everything I need to the trampa?

This lipo should be fine , not the best but ok for the money

I am running the vesc 75/300 mounted on a 2mm alloy plate on top of my case ( see my built for pics)
That is all it needs so far for cooling

With the 75/300 you can use any kind of remote and setup like you want, so just a simple rc remote will do

You will need to do a lot of reading to use it , nothing difficult but it is not play out of the box, and there is no box anyway and no candies as well :thinking: to forget about the additional payment fees …

You can always ask here for setting up :wink:

Oh, very good.
Yes, I have to read a lot. And I have to try a lot. But that is the challenge for me. And with help of this forum I am shure I can do it.
Thanks a lot. :blush:

I can not download the VESC tool. Can someone help me? When I put the software in my shopping cart and make the purchase, I get the following error:

What do I wrong?

Anythings in purchased files ?

no, nothing…:verzog das Gesicht:

this appears, when I go out.

I should get an email with the download link. But this mistake prevents it.

there is no order button…only update or checkout

As I recall just check out and then go in your purchase file to click on and download

Try another pc or un log , clean spam and re connect …

Do you need it for android or win or both?

I bought it for android and I need it for win 10

I need it for the first checkup

I did it, but it doesnt work