Which foil for e foil?


I’m Arwin form the Netherlands.

I’m busy with building a e foil. And i’m looking what to use for the foil.

Info about me. I’m 70 kg. Planning to ride in flat water. And mabey take one of my kids (+ 25 a 35 kg) with me on the board. I have 20 year of experience with kitesurfing/ wakeboarding and supping. No exprerience with foiling.

I now have a Naish Thrust 2019 foil set with 3 masts ( 55, 70 and 90 cm) with abacadabra mounts. (Set still nog used afther 8 months)

And 3 front wings from one is Thrust L 1220 cm2 and one is Thrust XL 1550 cm2

Now in my manual the advise to use a gong allivator L foil set with 65 cm mast. But i saw there is now also a x over v2 set. I like the v2 mast more. But is only comes in x over and not in allivator sets.

I’m thinking to sell the naish foil set.

So now what to do.

Just a allivator v1 set with L wing?
A x over V2 with a L or a XL wing?

Or use the naish set. When i do this i need to buy a mast plate because of the abacadabra mounts do not work for my setup. And i think i can get a good amount of money for the naish set.

Greetings Arwin