Which front wing for foil drive assist in foil surfing?

I’m currently building my second efoil, which will be a foil drive assist, with a 63100 custom motor from APS, Fliteboard propeller, lipo 6S 20A, esc flycolor 150A.

I’m now efoiling with gong curve LT 1500cm² medium aspect, and veloce L 1300 cm² (between medium and high aspect : 6 ratio)

I’m starting to think it is too small for foil drive assist, (I’m seeing only very big high aspect Axis front wing with a foil drive assist for foil surfing).

What is you advice for the front wing ? (weight 68kg)
I will be foil surfing in mediterraean sea, very small waves(0.4 to 1meter)


I don’t know if it is from my setup, but with a 1500cm2 medium aspect wing and 70kg I can only take off reliably with 12s. Possibly 10s can be possible with a good board and technic.

I don’t think that 6S will provide enough torque for the fliteboard prop. The FD prop and other assist props have a lower pitch.

I think the flite prop has too high pitch for 6s as well. During my initial efoil tests I had the 5in prop delivered with the flipsky 65161 that I cut down to 140mm OD. It had great starting power which is probably all you need for asssit.

Hi Nico,

Well I’m also foiling in the med, assisted with a Foildrive.

I was with Gong previously.
Sure the ratio price/perf is correct, but it won’t deliver much perf

For our small messy waves, you actually need a god foil to make the best of it, something easy to pump and that that glides a lot.

I have friends with Gong, on the Sirus series, who are doing well.

I personally went with Axis and I’m very happy.

For me, the PNG1300 does wonder.
If you are very good, the Spitfire1180 is an alternative.

Here is a small video I shot yesterday.


now with gong sirus L 1500 cm² in very small swell (20-50cm), and for “bigger” waves (med style) gong curve H L ratio 8.5, very happy with it, having a ton of fun

(not sure axis PNG / spitfire or fone SK8 / Jam is better than gong curve H or gong sirus)