Which GONG Wing should I choose?


I am looking for a GONG Setup and I have found four different wings.
I guess the Wing Rise and Wing Pro should be the Wings I should look for.
Is it worth the extra money to get the Wing Pro?

I thought Wing Rise M or Wing Pro L for a 85kg pilot :smile:
Is it the right size?

Kind regards


High aspect ratio (AR) with low thickness, a Veloce L should ensure an early take-off and a good max speed + aiming at a high efficiency (pumping).

With 85kg, definitely the Rise L.
I have 2 efoils, both with rise L. I am 72kg and it is really easy to take off with only 34A battery.
Stability is great; manoeuvrability too.
Super happy about it.

I have the Pro L and I’m 90kg. It’s very efficient and flies and carves well.

Only use the High aspect ratio wings (Veloce)! They are faster and have less water resistance. It makes no sense to use the older style wings…

VELOCE = less water resistance = extended battery life … :shushing_face: